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Here’s What Men's Health, Men's Fitness And All Have To Say About My Brand New Book… Living Large

BJ Gaddour

Fitness Director for Men's Health Magazine

Vince has put together an excellent book on the meat and potatoes of how to gain muscle the natural way.

His programming is easy to follow but brutally effective. I think you'll learn a lot by reading this and if you implement these methods I have no doubt that you will make a change!

Sean Hyson

C.S.C.S., Training Director for Men’s Fitness, Muscle&Fitness magazines

Vince Del Monte is a worthy guide for skinny guys who want to bulk up fast, as well as safely.

He’s been there and earned every pound. This book will save you time, money, and heaps of frustration.

Nick Collias

Senior Editor of

If there's a unifying characteristic of Vince's decades worth of articles on, it is that he consistently over-delivers.

Living Large continues the trend. The programming is rock solid, Vince’s perspective is spot-on, and you get to eat the egg yolks. What more do you want? This is how you'll grow.

"My Publisher Gave Me 1,000 Copies To Give Away. Cover The Cost of Shipping And It's Yours"

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Inside Living Large, you'lll discover:

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Discover How I Transformed From A 149-Pound Cross-Country Runner To A Ripped 190-Pound Professional Fitness Model

My name Is Vince Del Monte and years ago, I used to look like this.

I was 149 pounds soaking wet and 6 feet tall. I was so thin that all my friends called me Skinny Vinny.

All I wanted was to be big and muscular, but no matter how hard I tried, I remained the same.

Funnily enough, most of my friends were all college football players who were absolutely JACKED. I’m talking 6-packs and biceps with peaks like mountains.

Throughout college, I watched my buddies getting all the girls while I spent my nights killing myself in the gym. I would do the same workouts as my friends based on Arnold’s encyclopedia of bodybuilding, but I never ended up looking like Arnold.

Instead, I’d spend two hours in the gym, and then two weeks being in agony because my muscles would be so sore.

It wasn’t until I was out of college that I realized that us skinny guys need to train differently than everyone else.

What works for those genetically gifted guys doesn’t work for us. We need to train harder and much more strategically.

Once I discovered the keys for skinny guys to build muscle, I was able to gain 41 pounds of muscle inside 6 months without drugs, spending crazy amounts of money and doing just a couple of hard, intense workouts each week.

Changing my body changed my life forever. And ever since my initial transformation, my goal has been to help as many skinny guys as possible to build muscle and overcome their skinny “hardgainer” genetics.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What You’ll Get Inside Living Large:

And if you’re not a newbie looking to gain massive muscle, you can still use this powerful program to break through a plateau. Allowing your body to start packing on rock-solid mass while gaining strength without the unsightly belly fat.

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What People Are Saying About Living Large On...

"The Best muscle Building Book I've Ever Read"

Review by customer

Real and honest information, straight to the point and without a doubt the best muscle building book I’ve ever read.

“Every Man Should Own This Book

Review by A. Thornton

Vince is clearly one of the best when it comes to learning how to build muscle in a healthy way. And this book is killer, it includes a full 30 weeks of training. All done for you, with exercises and nutrition to go with it. You simply can’t get this much quality information at this price anywhere else. Every man should own this book.

“In a world full of broscience, Vince is one of the few knowledgeable trainers”

Review by Vlad

Great book that covers all the relevant aspects necessary to building muscle and making continuous progress while staying injury free. In a world full of "broscience", Vince is one of the few knowledgeable trainers that combines principles backed by science with knowledge backed by experience in order to truly deliver outstanding products. 'Living Large" is, in my opinion, his magnum opus.

“Five Stars!”

Review by Ed Newby

Great info!!!

“All I Can Say Is WOW!”

Review by customer

All I can say is WOW!!! I got cracked it open and the first thing I see are all of these crystal clear full color images showing you exactly how to do the exercises in the program. Usually you see these cheesy black and white images that are sometimes really hard to make out. Vince did an awesome job of explaining each step in his program and why it's going to work for you.

“The Workouts Are Tough, But I Feel Awesome After”

Review by customer

Probably one of the best muscle- building books I've used in a long time. And it's got everything in one place so I can keep it in my gym bag and follow the workouts everyday. I hate having to guess and try to figure out how to "periodize" my own workouts. Easy to follow, the workouts are tough but I feel awesome after. The DTS training Vince talks about has got to be my new favorite training method. Easily a 5/5 for me.

“I Bought This Book For 30 Other People!”

Review by Rocky Luch

I love this book. It has been very helpful to the 30 or so people I bought the book for. Men and women's bodies are being transformed as a result of following Vince's super 30 week program.

“I have been following Vince for the last 2-3 years…”

Review by AmanMon

I have been following Vince for the last 2-3 years. When I heard he was coming out with the book I was excited. This book is filled with information that beginners or advanced athletes need. It's very simple to read. Vince makes sure to explain everything in way you can understand and in detail. Can't wait to see how this helps me in the future.

“I Can’t Believe I Only Paid $9 For This Book”

Review by customer

I can't believe I paid only €9 for this book. The information contained in this book is massive. It is worth reading. Vince doesn't keep anything. He tells all you need. I just started the program (first week). I learned a lot!

“Will Restore Hope For Skinny Guys Looking To Build Muscle!”

Review by Brady Drazic

Wow. This was such an exciting book to read! I am a 38 year old male 6'2 tall and I weigh 125 pounds. I felt so inspired reading this book and I could not put it down. Finally, there is a go to resource that highlights tools and techniques that will help thin people like me to build muscle in a very sustainable way. In this age of fake news and misinformation, Living Large is a book that would restore hope in any thin person struggling to gain muscle. I am so grateful that there are authentic people like Vince who know what they are talking about and who share incredible information that inspire action. Just finished reading this book, I now feel empowered again and ready to rebuild my body and confidence better than I ever had before. Brady Orlando, FL

“The Amazing Photos Drew Me In”

Review by Zaw Hla

I bought this book recently and the first thing I admired about it was the shiny pages its printed on and the fact that its in color with amazing photos drew me in. When I flipped the pages I saw the detail Vince had put in it and the photos inside the section where there is a bunch of exercises with directions on how to execute them made me realize how invaluable this is. I give this five stars.

“Whether you are new to weight training or an experienced lifter, this has everything you need”

Review by Anthony Aleman

If your looking for a complete guide to get into top shape than look no further. Vince Del Monte has laid out everything that you need to do to accomplish this. Whether your a new to weight training or an experienced lifter this has everything you need to get started. It’s got a tested, science backed lifting routine that you can’t go wrong on. Every exercise is laid out and explained for you so there’s nothing you need to do but follow the program. The nutrition section shows you how to either cut weight or gain weight depending on your individual needs. This isn’t some cookie cutter system either. Its easily customizable for you to tailor the calories for your needs. I highly suggestion you grab a copy if your tired of the “broscience” systems that don’t work and want something backed by science.

“More than just a muscle building book”

Review by Brandon

I wasn't sure what to expect when getting this book recommended to me. The headline alone made me excited to read it but every chapter is in well placed. From the intro to preparation on what to do before starting the 30 weeks to the actual 30 weeks broken into manageable chuncks to extra info that will optimize the muscle building process. It's packed with new information as part of Vince's constant education in fitness of all the latest research and information that has always been true. Its also got info on how to better execute exercises and how to better understand the execution, better ways to think about the execution. But more importantly there's wisdom to this book that take to heart. Plus he's understands what it's like to have started scrawny including the way people respond to skinny guys and what it's like to make progress as a hard gainer.

“Very Good Book!”

Review by Sportz

Very good book! Well organized with simple easy to follow format.

“This Is A Game Changer!”

Review by Marion W. Cain

I didn’t expect to receive the “keys” to unlocking my genetic potential from a book. I REALLY didn’t expect to receive the motivation and mental support necessary to achive and set my resolutions for the new year. (If i can say no to an average life.” / “Focus has rewards. And broken focus has consequences”) The Mass Mechanics principles clarified many misconceptions and gave me principles to implement IMMEDIATELY. As a result I have been able to help the guys and girls I work out with.

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